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Zagadka is a restaurant located in Kraków that takes its name and inspiration from the popular sitcom 'How I Met Your Mother'. The name Zagadka, which translates to 'puzzle' or 'mystery', is a nod to the show's love of detective work and the main character's self-proclaimed title of 'a bit of a detective'.


My goal was to create a brand identity that not only captured the spirit and references of the show in a contemporary and immersive way but also provided a multi-dimensional experience that stimulated all the senses. To achieve this, I incorporated bold and easily identifiable design elements, as well as playful uses of colour inspired by items that appear in 'How I Met Your Mother'. This bar uses the language of scribbles, referring to the main character's personality.


I wanted to create a brand identity that would be inviting and encourage visitors to experience the show and its references anew, while also inviting them to explore and discover the numerous references hidden within the design. 


Design: Adrianna Bilas
3D renders: Jakub Dygdon

Client: Zagadka


⟶ Strategy

⟶ Brand Identity

Zagadka_Assets_For_CaseStudy_4 2-25.png
ZAGADKA_Free Ashtray Mockup.png
ZAGADKA_Sunbeds Mockup.png
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