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Future in Progress:
UK Young Cannes Lions 2023

Runner Up

The UK Young Cannes Lions competition challenges young creatives to tackle real-world briefs within a short timeframe (just a weekend!). This year, we were tasked by the Advertising Association with designing a campaign that would encourage more people to pursue a career in advertising.


We came up with an idea for a campaign called 'Future in Progress', which highlights the benefits of a career in advertising and the exciting journey ahead. Our concept was inspired by the visual language of blueprints and the exciting work-in-progress aspects of it.


Please view the full submission here.


Design: Adrianna Bilas & Jakub Dygdon


⟶ Strategy

⟶ Campaign

⟶ Brand Identity

Boards V2-03_2.png
Boards V2-03_3.png
Boards V2-03_14.png
Boards V2-03_5.png
Boards V2-03_6.png
Boards V2-03_7.png
Boards V2-03_8.png
Boards V2-03_9.png
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