Poster Campaign 

This quick project challenges the perception of the public and teaches them about the relevance of the food packaging. It raises awareness of the fact that plastic is not necessary in many cases.


Plastic packagings are overused in supermarkets and with fresh food products. This plastic ends up in our oceans, taking years to decompose.


People got used to buying everything in plastic and using it only once. They don’t understand the impact of the mass production of plastic where it is not necessary and unhealthy.


Poster campaign that teases the viewers and makes them rethink their decisions and habits in regards to buying products packed in plastic.

e3's Captain Fun

e3 is a digital agency based in Bristol. During my 7 weeks long internship at e3, I took part in various projects. I worked on the brand's identity by creating proposals for business cards, promotional materials and posters for internal events.

Frank Lloyd Wright at 150

Screenprinted poster created to promote MoMA NYC exhibition: Frank Lloyd Wright at 150: Unpacking the Archive.


Poster created to promote our short documentary film Life's A Drag on Drag Queens in Bristol.

Our idea was to create a documentary that will be different from typical ones. Our topic explores Drag Queen community which slowly becomes mainstream. Inspired by RuPaul’s Drag Race TV Show we thought it would be interesting to show this community from a different perspective - their perspective. 


Watch the full documentary here