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'omni' is my self-initiated project, exploring a brand identity and strategy for a new fintech company. At the heart of omni is the idea of ‘Radiating Clarity’. The energetic and bold brand that's all about free access to knowledge, openness and transparency.

The name 'omni', meaning 'all' from Latin, captures the inclusivity of the brand, opening it to all and making finances transparent and understandable for everyone. The brand champions financial knowledge and is a partner in helping you take control of your personal finances.


The idea of transparency is reflected within the brand identity, as translucent radiating gradients. Additionally, a modular system uses shapes derived from the logo representing dynamism. They are often intersecting, creating negative space, and highlighting even more the idea of transparency. The app icon is made from shapes from the logo, symbolising a moment of the payment.

The project is still a work in progress.


Self-initiated project


⟶ Strategy

⟶ Branding

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