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Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights, Camera, Action! explores the process of creating a film: shooting, lighting and colouring techniques used in contemporary cinema. It was produced in three colour versions: orange, blue & red.

The book is intended for people interested in the film and filmmaking process. The main audience would be happy to discover hidden facts, techniques and processes behind their favourite film productions. It’s a guide for someone who wants to learn more about the film industry and the filmmaking process. But it’s not just informative - it was designed to offer a fun experience of discovery through reading. That’s why I’ve included a few interactive folds and untypical paper stocks.

As a person with a strong interest in filmmaking, I was looking for books on this topic. Most of them, however, use heavy technical jargon, hence they can scare away amateur filmmakers. That’s why I created this book and included all interesting content for someone starting their journey with film.


Design & Production: Adrianna Bilas

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