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It’s a slab serif display font inspired by the Avant-garde, Art Deco & the aesthetics of ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’. It gives a new meaning to slab serif with a fresh and authentic touch. This playful and contemporary font incorporates various character alternates allowing flexibility and a more creative approach. Geometric, fancy & fun!

Get the font here!


Self-initiated project


⟶ Type design

⟶ 2D Animation

CINQUE 2.0 PROMO_Pattern Red 1920x1080.png
CINQUE 2.0 PROMO_Sign 1920x1080.png
CINQUE 2.0 PROMO_Strong 1920x1080.png
CINQUE 2.0 PROMO_Coffee 1920x1080.png
CINQUE 2.0 PROMO_Alternates 1920x950.png
CINQUE 2.0 PROMO_PolishAccents 1920x1080 .png
CINQUE 2.0 PROMO_Poster 1920x1080.png
CINQUE Refreshed Visuals-10.jpg
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